About BEST

books Best Evidence Summaries of Topics in Mental Health (BEST in MH) is a clinical question answering service hosted by Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust (AWP).

The project has been developed with the aim of overcoming some of the barriers that people face when trying to access research evidence, in relation to decision making in health care.

Providing health care never stops, and the range of questions that we need to answer as health care professionals never seems to end. With an ever increasing pressures upon time, it can be difficult to consult the evidence surrounding a topic, even when we know that we need to.

BEST in MH can help. We can help you shape a question that will sum up your information needs. In collaboration with the library we will then conduct a literature search for high quality research and filter through the results. Once we have found the evidence that answers your question, we rate the quality of the research and summarise our findings in a short, accessible format. We will then aim to send you the completed summary within 10 working days.

The NHS is in a state of change, so it is an important time to make sure that we use evidence to underpin the decisions that we need to make. BEST in MH can provide you with the information that you need to support the provision of high quality health care.

We also work alongside the Medical Information Service run by AWP Pharmacy, who can answer specific medication queries. Click here for more information on this service (on AWP networked computers only).


**PLEASE NOTE: This service is suspended whilst we secure funding. New questions will not be answered, however you can access any existing questions by using the 'search answers' tool at the top of this page. We hope to relaunch the service once funding is secured.**